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What types of taxes does My Seattle Bookkeeper file?

My Seattle Bookkeeper has been filing Excise Taxes, Sales Taxes, Personal Property Taxes and Payroll Taxes for over 20 years. We have helped countless clients get their taxes caught up and accurately filed. As your business grows, so does the complexity of your taxes. Getting behind in taxes is a very costly to a business and completely avoidable. Reach out to us below to discuss a game plan to getting your business back on track with your taxes.

Washington State (and most other states) charge businesses an excise tax based on specific types of income as well as income thresholds. There are several different filing frequencies that are assigned by each state for submission of these taxes. My Seattle Bookkeeper has well over 20 years of filing State Excise Tax Returns and can help you understand the complexities.

Washington State (and all other states) expect businesses to remit the Sales Tax they have collected from their customers. Sales Tax rates vary greatly and change regularly. From our vast experience, most small businesses struggle staying on top of the changes but it is crucial to collecting and remitting on time. Contact My Seattle Bookkeeper for help.

In 2018, the Supreme Court decision in the Wayfair case vastly changed the landscape of sales tax requirements for out of state businesses. My Seattle Bookkeeper has lots of experience working with businesses that have Nexus presence in various states.

Just like State Excise Tax Reporting, most larger cities require businesses to pay excise tax based on type and threshold of income. These returns can be extremely complicated (in our experience, often more so than State Excise Tax Returns) but My Seattle Bookkeeper has experience filing City Excise Taxes in most cities in Washington State.

Washington State requires that businesses pay a tax on property that it uses to conduct business. This tax is assessed and collected by your local county based on the value and type of equipment. This tax is paid on various items and includes, but is not limited to, machinery, equipment, furniture, government leasehold improvements, and supplies.

My Seattle Bookkeeper thoroughly understands the fear the word "Audit" causes business owners and individuals alike. An Audit is a scary prospect but it does not need to be. My Seattle Bookkeeper can manage your bookkeeping so that an audit is a simple exercise to provide the agencies the answers and info they need. We have been through aggressive DOR audits with a number of clients and have been able to assist our clients through a very distressing time with little or no penalties assessed. Our understanding of Bookkeeping rules and experience with Audits allows us to provide guidance and assist our businesses while they work their way through DOR and/or Payroll Tax Audits.

All businesses with employees will need to file Payroll Taxes with the federal government as well as local states. We have been preparing and filing IRS Forms 941 (filed quarterly), 940 (filed annually), and 944 (filed annually). We are also well versed in preparing and filing W2's and W3's. My Seattle Bookkeeper has experience filing payroll taxes in Washington, California, Colorado, New York and Oregon. We are able to file payroll taxes in all US states.

We all know what a headache taxes can be. Especially if they are not filed on time or are filed incorrectly. My Seattle Bookkeeper has over 20 years experience working with state and city agencies. We can help you avoid penalties and ensure peace of mind that your taxes are being filed on time and correctly. We have helped many clients through invasive tax audits with an understanding of best practices and the meticulous records to back it up.

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