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What is Accounts Management?

Accounts Management is our full service package of bookkeeping that we provide to most incoming customers. It is how we produce the baseline by which you can track the financial health of your business. Accounts Management (we like to call it cradle to grave accounting) is the professional management of your day to day accounting. My Seattle Bookkeeper has developed an effective and cost efficient system over our many years in business as dedicated and reliable Full Charge Bookkeepers. Our service provides you with timely and accurate answers so that you are able to effectively analyze your profitability. Our approach combines meticulous attention to detail with the latest accounting software and practices, providing you a comprehensive big picture of your financial position. We manage your bookkeeping services virtually and keep track of your finances while you use your valuable time to grow your business.

Accounts Receivable is a businesses collection of moneys owed to them for services and/or sales. It can include creating and sending invoices, recording customer payments, and collections of outstanding payments. My Seattle Bookkeeper can work with you to develop a system of invoicing based on your needs. We can prepare invoices on a schedule that works best with your cash flow and your needs. We can help you with collection efforts on any outstanding invoices you may have. We can provide weekly or monthly receivable reporting so that you know who owes you money and how long it has been outstanding. My Seattle Bookkeeper's outsourced management of your Accounts Receivable will allow for faster collection and vastly improve your cash position in often critical times.

Accounts Payable Management is the management of a businesses purchase orders, vendor bills, and payments. A streamlined and effective Accounts Payable management system will give business owners peace of mind that their bills are being paid on time. My Seattle Bookkeeper will work closely with you to determine the best way to streamline the Accounts Payable process for you. We absolutely understand that every client has different needs and we can tailor our outsourced accounts payable processes to meet those needs. You can get us copies of your bills as they are received, we will enter them in the accounting software and either prepare checks for you to print on your end or we can process electronically though bill pay or most other software platforms businesses may work with. We will work with you to come up with a payables schedule that works best for you and your cash flow. We will provide Accounts Payable reporting as needed and can assist with any communications needed with your vendors if that is something you would like to pass off. My Seattle Bookkeeper will save you time, money and headaches when we put our experience to work for you managing your Accounts Payable.

Reconciliations are the life raft of Bookkeeping and Account Management. Without accurate and timely reconciliations a business is lost at sea. I cannot overstate how crucial reconciliations are to a solid set of business books. The team at My Seattle Bookkeeper completely understands how important this step is to your accounting. Reconciliations ensure that the data is accurate and that you can rely upon it to provide you with solid answers. My Seattle Bookkeeper will work with our incoming clients to devise a schedule and set up project management tasks so that all of the pieces of the reconciliation gets accomplished each month and on time. Our clients do not have to worry that something will be missed. We have years of experience coming up with processes that our clients rely on to know that their reconciliations are being done on time and with the utmost care.

This is the good stuff. Once all of your monthly work has been done and your books have been meticulously reviewed and closed, we are able to provide our clients with a number of options for financial statements they may want or need. Financial Statements (at its base line is Profit and Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet) provide you a snap shot of where your business is at financially. The information helps business owners make decisions that are vital to the running of their business and future growth. We can provide our clients just the simplest financial statements if that is all they want. Some clients need more and we are always more than happy to design custom reporting to fit their specific needs. We take great pride in being able to tailor reporting for our clients as no business should ever settle for a one size fits all bookkeeping system.

My Seattle Bookkeeper will work directly with your CPA or tax preparer at the end of the year to provide them all of the information they will need to accurately and timely file your Federal Tax Return. We often communicate with our clients CPA's, or out-sourced CFO's throughout the year, as needed, to answer questions and help simplify the year end processes. We absolutely consider ourselves to be an active member or your overall accounting team. My Seattle Bookkeeper is always happy to work collaboratively with your entire team in any way that simplifies the lives of our clients.

Accounts Management is an integral component of your business’s financial success. Our tailored approach ensures every aspect of your books, from receivables and payables to general ledger management, is handled with the utmost precision and care. With our expertise, you gain the confidence of having your financial affairs knowingly in capable hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business. If you’re looking for a partner to help streamline your financial processes and enhance your financial health, we’re here to help.

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