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Financial Reporting you can understand

In addition to keeping your business records in meticulous shape, My Seattle Bookkeeper also produces financial reporting you can understand. We provide you the reporting you need that provide insight into the financial trends that happen in your business month over month or year over year.

All financial statements provided to our clients are reviewed by our owner, Vanessa Bowker, for compliance and accuracy. We place great value on our attention to detail and providing exacting data to our customers. You can be guaranteed that our financial reporting services will provide good data going in so that we can provide you good data going out. We know you rely on the financial reports we provide to your business and you can count on My Seattle Bookkeeper to always provide solid data to review the financial health of your business.

At minimum, each and every one of our customers receive an income Statement (Profit and Loss Statement) each and every month. The Income Statement details all Income, all Cost of Goods Sold, all Expenses that your business earned and incurred during the period. Some of our clients will want more information that the basic P&L Statement and we are more than happy to provide them the additional data they need. It may be a Balance Sheet, a Statement of Cash Flows, Accounts Receivable Detail, Accounts Payables Detail or Statement of Owners Equity. My Seattle Bookkeeper has enough experience to tailor our reporting to what our clients need. We have designed and compiled custom financial analysis reporting for numerous customers that need the type of data that is not readily available in most accounting software.

My Seattle Bookkeeper will work closely with your tax preparer or CPA to provide financials statements and detail so that annual federal taxes are accurate and as painless to you as possible. We work closely with these important team members throughout the year to make certain your books are accurate and following the accounting principals as dictated by your CPA.

Financial Reporting is a crucial part of your business. Without the information these provide you are flying blind in the management of your business. Let our team give you the insight you need to see how your business is actually doing. Let our financial reporting services provide your team with the answers they need to make educated business decisions about your future growth.

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