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Comprehensive, Professional Bookkeeping Services

We are pleased to share with you our comprehensive range of bookkeeping and payroll services. We can scale all of our services to meet our clients needs; some clients want us to do everything for them (we call this "cradle to grave" accounting) while others may only want or need to utilize some of our services. Either situation works for us! We are always happy to provide direction to our incoming clients if they are unsure of what they need from a professional bookkeeping service. We are here to take care of the books so you can have peace of mind that they are being managed accurately.

Accounts Management

Our accounts management service is designed to meticulously handle your accounts receivable and your accounts payable. My Seattle Bookkeeper can minimize your invoicing duties while seamlessly increasing your cash flow. We will also reconcile all accounts, maintain accurate records, provide you with financial data to make decisions with and work with the tax preparer to provide all of records, data and answers they have about your federal tax return. We work closely with our new clients to create a workflow that frees them up from the time consuming task of managing all of their bookkeeping and payroll tasks so they can get back to running their business.

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Financial Reporting

We take the business of financial reporting very seriously at My Seattle Bookkeeper. This reporting is key to a clients understanding of their financial health. All of our clients at My Seattle Bookkeeper receive financial reporting monthly. This includes an Income Statement or Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement for the month and the year and a Balance Sheet that provides them a snapshot of their assets, liabilities and equity compared previous periods. We cannot overstate the importance of reviewing and digesting these documents each month for all businesses. We are also more than happy to tailor these statements and many others to the specific needs of our clients.

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Payroll Services

Our payroll management was designed to manage all aspects of your payroll. We understand that payroll is truly one of most important pieces or work we do. Utilizing the full service of payroll processing at My Seattle Bookkeeper will relieve you of the, oftentimes, tedious task of payroll processing and get you back to running your business.

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Tax Services

We all know what a headache taxes can be. Especially if they are not filed on time or are filed incorrectly. My Seattle Bookkeeper has over 20 years experience working with state and city agencies. We have attended countless seminars and ongoing training to stay current and knowledgeable about these often confusing returns and rules. We can help you avoid penalties and ensure peace of mind that your taxes are being filed on time and correctly. We have helped many clients through invasive tax audits with an understanding of best practices and the meticulous records to back it up.

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Bookkeeping Clean Up

My Seattle Bookkeeper specializes in getting messes cleaned up. We have been in business for 20 plus years and have yet to encounter a set of books that we could not get cleaned up and ready for taxes. In fact, we guarantee it. We have helped hundreds of small businesses get their books accurate and reliable, no matter what condition they come to us in. My Seattle Bookkeeper will host a virtual conference with you to access where you are at with your bookkeeping needs and come up with a game plan to get you back on track to producing accurate financials and ready your books for tax filings. Relax, we have you covered.

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Specialized Services

We are always happy to work with a business to develop a non traditional accounting service based on their needs. We have been in business long enough to come up with accounting and bookkeeping solutions that other, less experienced bookkeepers could not. Our clients have long come to know us as a bookkeeping powerhouse that thoroughly understands that every business has unique requirements and that we will do what it takes to get our clients the results their business needs.

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