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Payroll Services at My Seattle Bookkeeper

Payroll, as most business owners understand, is one of the most important things you handle as a business owner. Your employees are your life blood and taking good care of them is good business. Unfortunately, payroll can also be one of the most complex and misunderstood parts of owning a business. My Seattle Bookkeeper has been processing outsourced payroll and payroll taxes for over 20 years. We can provide payroll services for small businesses and corporate businesses alike. We provide a robust payroll services package that is designed with our clients needs in mind.

We have years of experience working with various time tracking platforms: TSheets (QB TIme), BigTime, Harvest, Tick, any many others. However, if you have less employees and would rather submit your employee hours via a spreadsheet or a simple email we are happy to make that work. It is our job to make your payroll work in whatever method is best for you.

We will process your employee payroll weekly, bi weekly, semi monthly, monthly, or whatever schedule works for you and your employees.

We can process your payroll and get your employees paid via direct deposit or via paper checks if that is what your business prefers. We are always happy to help a client set up a new process to simply their payroll costs.

My Seattle Bookkeeper can process all federal payroll tax forms to include IRS Forms 940 (filed annually), 941 (filed quarterly), and 944 (filed annually).

My Seattle Bookkeeper can process all state payroll tax forms. These taxes will vary greatly state by state but will generally include L&I (Labor and Industry, sometimes called Workers Comp Insurance), State Unemployment, Paid Family and Medical Leave, Long Term Care Benefits (in WA this is called WA CARES).

At the end of the year, My Seattle Bookkeeper will reconcile your payroll taxes against your annual reports and issue your employees all W2's as required. We will also eFile your W3 with SSA on time and accurately.

We will process all payroll tax deposits that need to be made throughout the year on time so that you can avoid penalties and hassles.

We are always happy to provide our customers with data and any analyzed data they may need to get a bigger picture of their payroll.

We can have as little or as much communication with your employees as you wish. Most businesses prefer to direct their employees to speak directly to us about payroll questions they may have.

My Seattle Bookkeeper can handle all of your unemployment claims. These claims can be challenging and can take a lot of time away from a business owner. But our payroll tax services will relieve you of this task so you can get back to running your business.

We can manage the application, monitoring of the program and any contact needed with unemployment on behalf of the business or employees.

My Seattle Bookkeeper offers outsourced payroll management services that are tailored to your businesses needs. We will help you meet your payroll obligations with efficient and reliable payroll services. The team at My Seattle Bookkeeper are experts in payroll, so you do not have to be.

We currently process payroll in Washington, California, Colorado, New York and Oregon. We are able to process payroll in all US states.

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